June 28, 2019

The NUCC has released its annual, updated version of its 1500 Health Insurance Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual.  The updated instruction manual, Version 7.0 7/19, goes into effect immediately and is available under the 1500 Claim Form tab. 

No changes were made since the Version 6.0 7/18 manual was released.  A change log is available on the 1500 Instructions page and states that no changes were made to the manual during the previous year.  Any interim changes, clarifications, or corrections to the instructions following this release will be posted on the NUCC website.

For more information on the 1500 Health Insurance Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do NOT email, fax, or mail completed 1500 Claim Forms to the NUCC. The NUCC does not process claims. Send completed forms to the appropriate payer.